Providing Innovative and Sustainable Solutions in Energy Efficient Surface Aerators

Energy Saving in E.T.P./S.T.P. with Environ Energy Efficient Aerators

Only manufacturer in India who have got in-house Oxygen Transfer testing & Hydraulic testing facility suitable upto 150 HP aerators. As per the Quality Assurance plan each & every aerator & agitator are runned for Two hours before dispatch.


Contributing In Development Of Our Nation & Reducing Global Warming

When Evaluating Aerating Systems, a total performance & cost of operation analysis is critical. The components of this analysis should include an evaluation of the initial capital cost of system installation, all operating and energy costs. & projected maintenance cost. Also included should be an analysis of how well the system performs the four basic functions required of all Aerators:

  • Provide sufficient Oxygen Transfer to promote biological treatment.
  • Provide sufficient mixing to ensure homogeneity of mixed liquor suspended solids & to prevent solids setting.
  • Respond to varying process conditions to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Provide reliable service, without costly maintenance & downtime, and without reduction in oxygen transfer capability.

A detailed evaluation will quickly reveal that diffused aeration systems are able to perform only one basic function reasonably well. On the other hand, Environ Energy Efficient Aerators accomplishes all four goals excellent mixing, operational flexibility & a life expectancy of 12-15 years with minimal maintenance.

Point to be consider :

Diffused Aeration System have gained popularity based on only one aspect of their performance: they provide high oxygen transfer efficiencies in CLEAN WATER. But the waste water is not clean. A fine bubble Diffused system which performs efficiently in clean water instantly becomes less efficient in waste water. Over a few months or so, the degrading of oxygen transfer efficiency becomes more pronounced until, eventually, the diffusers porous membranes will need to be cleaned manually. This is an undesirable & time consuming maintenance operation. Surface Aerators, unlike diffusers, never foul & will provide the same high oxygen transfer rate along with mixing efficiency with minimum & economical running & also saving in Energy over the life of the equipment.

In Diffused Aeration System, as the Blower blows hot air, the temperature of the effluent rises by 5oC to 8oC due to which the Oxygen Transfer Efficiency reduces. While in Mechanical Aeration System, the temperature of the effluent reduces by 5oC to 8oC & hence Oxygen Transfer Efficiency increases.

The distribution of AIR is not equal in Diffused Aeration System. While, the air is equally distributed in all the 4 corners of the Aeration Tank by Mechanical Aerators.


Each & every Aerator Impeller has its own Limitations & capacity to cater particular depth of say 2.5 mtrs. – 2.75 mtrs., but as per our experience, if the tank depth is more than 2.75 mtrs., then there will be settlement at the floor level, which will create septic conditions & the D.O level goes down to ZERO, which all the Aerator Manufacturers, ETP/STP Designers, Consultants, Experts will agree.

Now a days, as due to the space constraint, most of the Aeration Tanks are designed with higher depths. As the depths of the Aeration Tank is more than 2.75 mtrs. Environ believes that it is the duty of the Aerator Manufacturer to change the design of the Aerator Impeller considering the depth of the Aeration tank, but it is not possible without doing the experiments OR R&D.

At Environ, we are the only manufacturer in India, who has got R&D Division; therein we are carrying out the Oxygen Transfer test as per American Standard & Wrinkler’s Procedure, before placing the prototype Aerator in the market. No other manufacturer have such in-house oxygen transfer testing facility, the reason for this is, Environ firmly believes that the Aerator manufacturer should know (before offering the Guarantees) the Oxygen transfer efficiency of the Aerator which is designed & manufactured by them. This is not possible without conducting Oxygen Transfer test.

Secondly, in our testing facility, we run all the Aerator & Agitators for 2 hours, as per our Quality Assurance plan. We have also offered the D.O test for the Aerators in presence of our clients against their orders:

  • M/s. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. – Vizag for 100 HP on 20th Sep ’02 & achieved 2.24 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Reliance – Hazira for 50 HP on 9th Sep ’04 & achieved 1.6 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Cheminor Drugs Ltd. – Hyderabad for 30 HP on 20th July 2000 & achieved 2.82 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Kodinar Sugar Factory – Kodinar for their order of 4 nos. 30 HP aerators.
  • M/s. Tamilnadu Petro Products – Chennai for 25 HP aerator on 16th Feb ’99 & achieved 2.20 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. South India Viscose (Siv Inds.) – Coimbatore for their order of 10 nos. 20 HP aerator on 18th Aug ’94 & achieved 1.72 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Tamilnadu Petro Products – Chennai for their order of 20 nos. 10 HP aerators on 15th Nov ’97 & achieved 1.70 kg of O2/hp/hr. oxygen transfer.
  • M/s. Tamilnadu Petro Products – Chennai for 10 HP aerator with 3% salinity water used in testing tank & achieved 1.03 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Gujarat Insecticides Ltd. – Ankleshwar for order of 5 nos. 5 HP aerators on 2nd Aug ’99 & achieved 1.82 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Pattancheru Enviro Tech Ltd. – Pattancheru CETP for 30 HP aerator on 27th Dec ’04 & achieved 1.91 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • Deonar Slaughter House – Deonar for 10 HP aerator on 1st July ’03.
  • Deonar Slaughter House – Deonar for 30 HP aerator on 28th Aug ’03.
  • M/s. Dombivili Better Environment – Dombivili (CETP), MIDC for 40 HP aerator on 7th Feb ’05 & achieved 1.98 kg of O2/hp/hr
  • M/s. Vapi CETP – Vapi for 40 HP aerator on 20.05.09.
  • M/s. Torrent Pharma-Ceuticals Ltd. – Indrad (A’bad) for 30 HP aerator on 13th Dec ’06 & achieved 1.96 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Hindustan Newsprint Ltd. – Kottayam Dist. for 25 HP aerator on 9th Dec ’04 & achieved 2.40 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. Arvind Ltd. – Ahmedabad for 15 HP aerator on 19th Aug ’11 & achieved 1.843 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  • M/s. GNFC – Bharuch for 25 HP aerator on 5th Jan ’13 & achieved 1.955 kg of O2/hp/hr.

In our R&D, we have designed & developed an Aerator with dual impeller, which can offer the result upto 6 mtrs. SWD. In this Aerator Impeller, we have provided one Oxygen & the second Impeller is provided at the bottom, there will be no settlement at the floor area of the aeration tank. Secondly, as the mixer is provided at the bottom, the mixing efficiency is increased due to which the Oxygen transfer rate increases & as the oxygen transfer rate is increased the required HP is reduced, hence energy saving. We are first, in India to introduce energy efficient aerator, which works upto 6Mtrs. SWD, it is Purely an INDIAN TECHNOLOGY having very simple & low maintenance assembly. This aerator offers an excellent opportunity to reduce the operating energy cost. This is possible in ENVIRON Aerator, as we are providing additional featured in our Aerators.


Environ energy efficient aerators have offered the required results as per the Norms of PCB.

  • At M/s. Hindustan Newsprint Ltd., Kottayam – Kerala – Replaced 6 nos. 75 HP existing aerators with our 6 nos. 25 HP energy efficient aerators & saved 300 HP total energy i.e. total 225 Kw. (Documentary proofs attached – Annexure I).
  • At M/s. Ballapur Industries, Yamunanagar – Annual energy saving of 6.72 lakhs KWh by replacing 10 nos. of 75 HP existing aerators by our 10 nos. 20 HP energy efficient aerators (Documentary proofs alongwith BILT report attached Annexure II).
  • At M/s. Pattancheru Enviro Tech Ltd., Patancheru – Saved injecting of liquid oxygen for Rs. 15,00,000/-. (Certificate of PETL attached – Annexure III).
  • At Dombivli CETP – Replaced ElO2 aerators & offered 8 nos. of 40 HP energy efficient aerators and offered the results for tank depth of 4.5 mtrs SWD as per the Norms MPCB. (Certificate of Dombivli – CETP attached – Annexure IV).
  • Saved 280 HP i.e. 210 KW at M/s. Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd., Karur by replacing 8 Nos. of 75 HP existing aerators by our 8 Nos. 40 HP energy efficient aerators. (Documentary proofs attached – Annexure V).
  • At Vapi CETP, Vapi – Replaced diffused aeration system by our 20 nos. of 40 HP energy efficient aerators & offered results for the tank depth of 4.5 mtrs. SWD (Documentary proof attached – Annexure VI).
  • At M/s. Gujarat Insecticides Ltd., Ankleshwar – Saved 17.5 HP energy by replacing 20 HP existing aerator & 10 HP diffused aeration system by our 12.5 HP energy efficient aerators offering the result (Certificate of GIL attached – Annexure VII).
  • At M/s. Grasim Industries Ltd., Harihar – Replaced 17 nos. of 40 HP existing aerators by our 17 nos. of 25 HP environ energy efficient aerators & saved energy of 255 HP i.e. 190 Kw. (Documentary proofs attached – Annexure VIII).
  • At Sterling Gelatin, Karakhadi – We have solved the problem of Ammonical Nitrogen in the effluent by installing 3 nos. 40 HP, 7 nos. 15 HP & 4 nos. 10 HP environ energy efficient aerators, having the tank depth of 5.5 mtrs. SWD (Certificate of Sterling is attached – Annexure IX).
  • At GNFC, Bharuch – Installed 1 no. 50 HP & 3 nos. 25 HP energy efficient aerators in their Guard pond. By installing these aerators the algae formation & COD was reduced. (Certificates of GNFC attached – Annexure X).
  • At Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan, Vadodara – We have replaced 2 nos. of 60 HP existing aerators on trial basis by our 2 nos. of 30 HP energy efficient aerators at their Tarsali STP plant. We have succeeded in achieving the energy saving by 50% (Documentary proofs attached – Annexure XI).
  • At M/s. Oneiro Chemicals Ltd., Ekalbara – They were using diffused aeration system with blowers of 15 HP & they were not getting the results, where we have replaced the same with our 7.5 HP energy efficient aerator & saved 5.5 Kw i.e. 50% saving and offered them the results. The tank depth at Oneiro is 4.5 m SWD. (Certificate of Oneiro attached – Annexure XII).
  • At MMA – CETP, Mahad – We have replaced the diffused aeration system & also saved energy by installing our 9 nos. of 30 HP floating type energy efficient aerators having the SWD of 4.5 m & offered the results. (Documentary proofs attached – Annexure XIII).
  • At M/s. Shidimo Interaux Pvt. Ltd., Lajpore- Saved 2.5 HP energy by replacing 12.5 HP existing aerator by our 10 HP energy efficient aerator. (Certificate of Shidimo attached – Annexure XIV).
  • At M/s. Arvind Ltd. (Div. Ankur Textiles), Ahmedabad – Replaced 2 nos. of 30 HP existing aerators by our 2 nos. of 25 HP Environ energy efficient aerators & saved energy of 10 HP i.e. 7.5 Kw. (Certificate of Arvind attached – Annexure XV).
  • At M/s. Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd., Adilabad (A.P.) – there is a scope of saving in energy of 210 HP, by replacing 6 nos. of 75 HP existing aerator of other make with 6 nos. of 40 HP Environ energy efficient aerators. (Negotiations for the same is over and they will be releasing order for 1 no. 40 HP energy efficient aerator on trial basis.) – (Attached – Annexure XVI).
  • Recently M/s. Emami Paper Mills Ltd., Rasulpur, Dist. : Balsore – had approached us for energy saving in their existing aeration systems. (Attached – Annexure XVII).