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API Type Oil Separators, Top Oil Skimmers, Deoiler Pipes

Removal of floating oil from the effluent is very necessary. Traces of Slicks of oil escaping to the bioreactor plays major role with BOD or COD reduction.
The desired BOD or COD level may not be achieved if the oil traces are there in the effluent.

“ENVIRON” make top Oil Skimmers are specially designed to remove the separable oil viz. waste oils, vegetable oils, animal fats, froths, dairy waste scum fats, etc. from the effluent. Thus the recovered oil can be used as raw material for other products to achieve savings. The Oil Skimmer tank is designed as per American Petroleum Institute Standard (API). The oil is collected through the DE-OILER pipe mechanism.

Motorized trolley with four wheels with antifriction bearings travels to & fro on MS rails having electrical limit switches on either side. PP / HDPE / Neoprene rubber skimmer place. The Control panel consists of air break reversing contactors, timer, etc. Push-button station, flexible cable, drive consists of 0.5 HP / 1 HP electric motor, 415 V, 50 C/s, 3 phase, AC, Radicon worm reduction gearbox, chain, etc. Hand operated slotted pipe mechanism would be there to collect the oil.

We are also manufacturing API type Oil Skimmer where top oil skimming is also done along with the bottom settled sludge Scrapping.

Until now we have installed more than 50 nos. of such top Oil Skimmers in various industries like Sugar, Oil, Dyes,
Chemicals, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Dairies, Distilleries, etc.