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Research & Development

Oxygen Transfer Testing Facility For Aerators Upto 150 HP Ratings. The Only Manufacturer In India To Have This Facility

The all the ‘PUMPERATORS’ are shop assembled and Hydraulically tested before despatch. The only ‘PUMPERATOR’ in the market having one piece impeller machined at the centre to achieve concentricity after complete welding. The ‘PUMPERATOR’ is supplied with wetted parts FRP lined as standard without any extra cost.

We are the only manufacturer who can supply the aerators with wetted parts, i.e. Impeller and Shaft in ‘RUBBER LINED CONSTRUCTION’ also. This is possible because of our special constructional features of the aerators. Other coats can be given on requests for the right applications of ‘PUMPERATOR’.

For further assistance, kindly contact our process engineers to assist in selection