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About Us

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading and most experienced environmental engineers, designers and manufacturers of effluent treatment plant machinery.

Environ Engineering Company, situated at 864/3/B, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate, Makarpura, Vadodara-390 010, Gujarat, established in the year 1979, manufacturing Energy efficient aerators, alongwith Clarifier, Clariflocculator, Thickner, Agitators, etc.

We are the only manufacturers having R & D facility and inhouse oxygen transfer testing facility as per American Standard for Surface aerators upto 150 HP ratings.

We are now introducing our new generation of “Environ” Energy efficient aerators, having dual impeller to cater the aeration depth upto 5.5 mtrs SWD.

We are the first & the only manufacturer in India, who are having aerators hydraulic testing facilities from 2 HP to 150 HP ratings and oxygen transfer testing facilities for aerators. We shop assemble & run each and every aerator / agitator in our hydraulic testing facility for 2 hours in our workshop before dispatch as per our quality assurance plan.

We are having the pleasure of serving the country’s core industrial sectors for the last Three decades and we have also exported our ETP equipment’s to Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Alexandria (Egypt) & Kenya.

We have designed, developed, manufactured, supplied & successfully commissioned 4 nos 100HP fixed aerators, first time in India & other E.T.P. equipments at M/s. Aurobindo Pharma Limited – Vizag, wherein we have offered the oxygen transfer test in our in-house testing facility & got 2.24 kg. of o /hp/hr before dispatch. We have an 2 opportunity & proud to serve repeatedly to M/s. Aurobindo Pharma Limited, for their all the ETP plants, 29 times throughout Andhra Pradesh.

It was our pleasure to serve the three World Bank aided projects of Anand, Nadiad & Godhra, wherein we have supplied 48 nos of aerators with clariflocculators, mixers, etc. in the year 1994.

We have got the total workshop area of 40,000 sq. ft. with full facilities for manufacturing, hydraulic testing and research & development.

On going through our installations you will notice that we have practically worked for all types of effluents like : Toxic waste of cynide and fluorides, distilleries, paper mills, textiles, sugars, paints, food and beverages, heavy metals, oil industries, refineries, dyes & intermediates, dairies, petrochemicals, sewerage etc.

We have got R & D facilities wherein we are continuously enduring to upgrade the technical aspects of the equipments. We are first in India to introduce the following features in our equipments.

We are the only manufacturers in India who offers :
  1. Machining the base and impeller at centre on heavy lathes for aerators.
  2. Fully machined ms solid shaft of the aerator.
  3. Ismb beam base for 20 HP and above ratings for aerators & for 5 HP to 15 HP fabricated & machined base frame.
  4. Additional bearing support to the aerator shaft, so that the durability of the gearbox is increased & the maintenance of the equipments is minimised.
  5. Aerator shaft and impeller are frp lined as a standard feature.
  6. Aerators with specially designed impellers for water depths in aeration tank upto 5.5m for fixed type as well as floating type slow speed surface aerators. Presently Environ are doing R&D in aerators to take care of mixing efficiency for aeration tank depth of 6.5m along with higher oxygen transfer capacity which will be introduced in near future (Trials are under observations).
  7. Clarifiers, clariflocculators, thickers with manual sludge arm lifting device as an standard feature.
  8. We are first in India to develop and to offer the centre drive clarifiers, clariflocculators, thickners without bottom sludge pipe as an option. It can be offered at an extra cost if asked for by the client.
  9. Special centre drive clarifiers with environ high torque centre drive with automatic electro mechanical overload protection device, as a special feature which cuts off the power to the drive motor, in case of overloading occurs, can be offered if asked for by the clients at an extra cost.

Our over 160+ nos. Valued Clients have given us an opportunity to serve repeatedly by placing repeated orders on us

It would be utmost pleasure to work for you in the field of Environment

If you require any more details/information regarding our products and organization, kindly do not hesitate to contact us.
It would be our pleasure to provide the same.


Activities and Achievements

Today, due to rapid industrialization, global warming and the environment have become the cause of great concern and real live issue of the world . The industries are being pursued rigorously to ensure that the pollution control and energy conservation systems adopted are continuously under operation. Hence the adoption of suitable economically cost effective energy conserving and very efficient methods of pollution control is the top priority for any Industry.

Under the pursuit of quality assurance, Environ has conducted and given in-house oxygen transfer tests as per American Standard and Wrinkler’s procedure for:

  1. M/s. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. – Vizag for 100 HP – on 20th Sept. 2002 & achieved 2.24 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  2. M/s. Reliance – Hazira for 50 HP & achieved 1.6 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  3. M/s. Vapi CETP, Vapi / Dombivilli Better Environment – Dombivilli (CETP), MIDC, for 40 HP energy efficient aerator & achieved 1.98 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  4. M/s Cheminor Drugs Ltd. – Hyderabad for 30 HP energy efficient aerator.
  5. M/s. Kodinar Sugar Factory – Kodinar for 30 HP energy efficient aerator.
  6. Deonar Slaughter House – Deonar & M/s. Torrent Pharma, Indrad, for 30 HP – energy efficient aerator & achieved 2.82 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  7. M/s Pattancheru Enviro Tech Ltd, (CETP)- Pattancheru, for 30 HP energy efficient aerator & achieved 1.91 kg of O2/ho/hr.
  8. M/s Tamilnadu Petro Products – Chennai & M/s. Hindustan Newsprint Ltd., Kottayam Dist. for 25 HP energy efficient aerator & achieved 2.40 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  9. M/s. South India Viscose (Siv Inds.) – Coimbatore for 20 HP energy efficient aerator and achieved 1.72 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  10. Deonar Slaughter House – Deonar & M/s. Tamilnadu Petro Products – Chennai, for 10 HP energy efficient aerator & achieved 1.7 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  11. M/s. Tamilnadu Petro Products – Chennai, for 10 HP energy efficient aerator with 3% salinity water used in testing tank & achieved 1.03 kg of O2/hp/hr.
  12. M/s. Gujarat Insecticides Ltd. – Ankleshwar for 5 HP energy efficient aerator & achieved 1.82 kg of O2/hp/hr.

In any effluent treatment plant, having chemical and biological treatment, most of the energy is consumed in biological secondary treatment. Hence the energy reduction of secondary biological treatment, becomes the top most priority aspect for us. Hence the energy efficient aerators suitable for primary & secondary effluent treatment, become the most important criteria nowadays, so far as reduction in energy consumption and global warming are concerned.

Continuous R & D activities is carried out by “Environ” in design and manufacturing of aerators so that more and more oxygen transfer per HP per hour is achieved by the aerators.

Environ believes for any energy efficient aerators, apart from the criteria of more oxygen transfer per hp per hour, mixing criteria is also equally important.

In aeration tank the oxygen, which is delivered by the aerators, should be mixed thoroughly throughout the volume of the aeration tank. Hence, Environ energy efficient aerators is also a good mixer. So, it also avoids the development of SEPTIC condition at bottom or any corners of aeration tank & hence efficiency in BOD & COD reductions of the effluent are achieved.

We believe when the side water depth of aeration tank is more than standard one, the design of impeller of aerator is required to be changed accordingly. If the design of impeller is not changed, development of SEPTIC condition at bottom floor level of aeration tank occurs due to settlement of dead bacterial mass. Environ changes the design of the aerator impeller when the side water depth is more than the standard one (2.5 mtrs.) to avoid the SEPTIC condition at bottom floor level of aeration tank.

So, Energy efficient aerators, not only should take care of maximal oxygen transfer at minimal energy, but also should create rigorous mixing throughout the volume of aeration tank.

There are many more cases, where we had submitted the energy auditing reports and the reports are under consideration of our clients for economy and energy savings.


Energy Conservation In E.T.P. / S.T.P. / C.E.T.P.

Environ Engineering Company carries out the energy auditing for the existing aeration systems and checks the possibility of reducing the energy costs in the present existing aeration systems. We have carried out the energy auditing for several industries & saved the sizable amount of energy in the existing aeration systems by installing Environ make energy efficient aerators. Some of them are:

  1. At M/s. Hindustan Newsprint Ltd., Kottayam Dist, (Kerala), They have got existing 16 Nos. of 75 HP aerators in their aeration system, where we have reduced the Energy by 50 HP per aerator by replacing 6 Nos. of 75 HP existing aerators by our 6 Nos. of Environ make 25 HP energy efficient aerators. They are replacing all their aerators stage-wise & will be saving the total energy of 800 HP. Till date, we had supplied 6 Nos. of 25 HP aerators. Enclosure – XII to XV
  2. At M/s. Ballarpur Industries Ltd., Yamunanagar (BILT), where total energy of 550 HP was saved in their existing aeration system, by installing our 10 Nos. of 20HP energy efficient aerators in place of their existing 10 Nos. of 75 HP aerators; and achieving the required results also in their aeration system with aeration tank depth of 4.5 mtrs. Enclosure – IX to XI
  3. At M/s. Pattancheru Enviro-Tech Ltd., Patancheru, one of the Biggest CETP’S of Andhra Pradesh, where previously the liquid oxygen was additionally injected in their aeration system already having the surface aerators, but after installing our 16 Nos. of 30 HP energy efficient aerators, their expenditures in liquid oxygen was stopped & also in power has been reduced drastically. Enclosure – I
  4. At M/s. Dombivili Better Environment System – Dombivli (one of the Biggest CETP’s of Maharashtra, having the aeration tank depth OF 4.5 mtrs.) Eio aerators were running & had zero D.O. level; these aerators were replaced by our 8 Nos. of 40 HP energy efficient aerators. They got the results as per the MPCB Norms and now it is considered as the Best CETP of Maharashtra. Enclosure – II
  5. At Vapi CETP-Vapi- One of the Biggest CETP of Gujarat – In 2 sections of aeration tank of 4.5 mtr. SWD, they were using diffused aeration system and 50 Nos. of aerators of other make, as they are facing lot of problems & also not getting the required results, they have replaced the same with 20 Nos. 40 HP Environ make energy efficient aerators and they are satisfied with the performance of our energy efficient aerators & are getting required results as per GPCB Norms. This is one of the major successful installation of Environ. Enclosure – III
  6. In June, 2011, at M/s. Tamilnadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd., Tamil Nadu, they have got 26 Nos. of 75 HP aerators of other make, where we are replacing the same with our 40 HP energy efficient aerators. They have placed the order for total 8 Nos. They are satisfied with the performance of the supplied equipments and they will be saving 910 HP in their existing aeration system. (Environ’s great achievement). Enclosure – VI to VIII
  7. At M/s. Gujarat Insecticides Ltd., Ankleshwar, 1 No. 20 HP aerator of other make + 10 HP diffused aeration were running in their aeration system without getting the D.O. level. We have replaced the aerator & the diffused aeration by our 1 No. 12.5 HP energy efficient aerator. The required D.O. level & BOD reduction were achieved and saved energy of 17.5 HP. Enclosure – IV & V
  8. In February, 2011, Environ had replaced the diffused aeration system at MMA-CETP, Mahad, Maharashtra, wherein they have installed 9 Nos. of 30 HP floating type slow speed energy efficient aerators in their aeration system having 4.5 mtr. side water depth.
  9. M/S. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., are satisfied with the performance of our all ETP equipments and hence they have given us the repeated orders 29 times for All their plants throughout Andhra Pradesh.
  10. ENVIRON has already supplied specially designed energy efficient aerators at M/s. Meghmani Organics – Ankleshwar, where they are having aeration tank depth of 6 mtrs. side water depth. (Unique in India).
  11. Recently, Environ has replaced the existing total 17 Nos. 40 HP aerators of other make with “Environ” make 17 Nos. 25 HP energy efficient aerators at M/s. Grasim (Aditya Birla Group), Kumarapatnam, Harihar (Karnataka). Thus, Grasim will be saving total energy of 255 HP (190.23 KW) in the aeration system in their ETP.
  12. At Shidimo Interaux Pvt. Ltd., Lajpore, Dist: Surat – Saved 2.5 HP by installing 10 HP energy efficient fixed type aerator against 12.5 HP aerator.
  13. At Sterling Biotech (Div. Sterling Gelatin), Karakhadi, (Baroda). We have installed 40 HP – 3 Nos., 15 HP – 7 Nos. & 10 HP – 4 Nos. energy efficient aerators having the aeration tank depth of 5.5 mtrs. and also reduced the Ammonical Nitrogen in their effluent. (An achievement in ETP). Enclosure – XVI
  14. In September, 2012, Environ are designing an impeller for mixer for M/s. Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Ankleshwar, having the tank depth of total 8.7 mtrs. (A design challenge to Environ).
  15. At GNFC – Bharuch, installed 50 HP floating type energy efficient aerator in their guard pond of size : 66 m x 134 m x 3.3 m water depth & prevented the Algae formation in the pond. In 2012 they have placed additional orders for 3 nos. 25 HP floating type energy efficient aerators ( for prevention of Algae formation). Enclosure – XVII

There are many more such cases of replacement of the existing aeration systems by our energy efficient aerators for the aeration tanks with higher depths of 5 mtrs. We have also got many successful installations in aeration tanks with higher depths upto 5.5 mtrs.

Environ has studied and carried out a report on energy saving in sewage treatment plant / common effluent treatment plant, wherein we have found a large scope for energy saving in ETP’s / STP’s / CETP’s. Upon studying one of the STP of Municipal Corporation of Vadodara, having 8 Nos. of 60 HP aerators, we have suggested the replacement of these 60 HP aerators by our 30 HP energy efficient aerators offering guaranteed results as per norms of PCB. There is a scope of total 240 HP energy saving (i.e. total 50% saving) can be achieved with total capital investment of Rs. 70 to Rs. 75 lacs and in return monetary saving of approximate Rs 1,25,00,000/- per year can be achieved with a payback period of only 8 months.


  • M/S. PATTANCHERU ENVIRO TECH LTD. – PATTANCHERUOne of the biggest & successful C.E.T.P. of A.P. (One of the Biggest Achievement of Environ).
  • M/S. DOMBIVILI BETTER ENVIRONMENT SYSTEM ASSOCIATION (C.E.T.P.) – DOMBIVILLIThe first successful C.E.T.P. with required results by M.P.C.B. of Maharashtra, having the aeration depth of 4.5 m (One of the Successful Installation of Environ).
  • M/S. VAPI WASTE & EFFLUENT MANAGEMENT CO. LTD. (VAPI C.E.T.P.) – VAPI(Order repeated – 3 times)
  • M/S. MAHAD C.E.T.P. – MAHADMaharashtra
  • M/S. WAZIRPUR C.E.T.P.- NEW DELHIThrough M/s. L & T (Ecc) Div – Chennai
  • M/S. BADLI C.E.T.P. – NEW DELHIThrough M/S. Uem India Ltd. – New Delhi
  • M/S. BHARUCH ECO-AQUA INFRASTRUCTURES LTD. – BHARUCHSupplied 1 No. 50 HP Floating aerator (the Only Equipment Working Trouble Free at C.E.T.P) through M/s. L & T, Ahmedabad.
  • M/S. JALANDHAR CETP – JALANDHAR (PUNJAB)Through M/s. Ramky – Hyderbad
  • M/S. THANE BELAPUR C.E.T.P.- NAVI MUMBAISupplied 1 no. 20 HP Floating type aerator with draft tube arrangement, First Time in India for Higher Depth of 4.8 m
  • M/S. ENVIRO INFRASTRUCTURE CO. LTD., VILL.: UMARAYA, TAL: PADRA, DIST.: VADODARA (CETP)At Present, we are replacing existing Diffused Aeration System by our Energy Efficient Mechanical Aerators